82 | Vulnerable Michael Keenan | The East African-Effect and Phd Work

82 | Vulnerable Michael Keenan | The East African-Effect and Phd Work

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Michael Keenan is PhD Candidate at Wageningen University and
Research. His dissertation focuses on understanding how risk and
market access affect smallholder farmers’ marketing and
investment decisions, agricultural households’ livelihoods, and
internal conflict within agricultural-based economies. To
understand these relationships, His research combines behavioral,
theoretical, and empirical analysis at the intra-household level,
household-level, and mesoeconomic level. 

He is passionate about applying quantitative methods and big data
to a range of economic development issues. His research is now
expanding into understanding gender gaps in smallholder
agriculture, urban migration patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa, and
the effects of digital innovations on rural areas' food
He has been based in Nairobi, Kenya for the past three years and
has experience conducting research in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda,
Uganda, and Tanzania. I enjoy travelling, reading, and spending
time with friends and family.

In this episode, He talks about pursuing a career in East Africa
and his PhD Work
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