From Pints to PPE

From Pints to PPE

This week Elaine is joined by Pete Kraemer, Chief…
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Talking on Tap takes you inside the world’s leadi…


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This week Elaine is joined by Pete Kraemer, Chief Supply Officer,
AB InBev to discuss how the brewer pivoted supply chains to
support communities during the pandemic, shifting from brewing beer
to producing hand sanitizer, supply chain logistics to building
field hospitals and from building beer crates to face shields. Also
joining the podcast are Keenan Thompson, Global Director
Innovation, AB InBev & Felipe Ambra, Global VP, Corona join to
discuss how the brand have created a truly sustainable paper
packaging solution for Corona’s six-pack bottle holders. Finally,
Rob Skinner, Director, United Nations Information Center on the
challenges we face in achieving the UN Sustainable Development

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