Mission Possible Partnership: 400 Partners. 7 Heavy Industries. 1 Goal: Net-Zero 2050

Mission Possible Partnership: 400 Partners. 7 Heavy Industries. 1 Goal: Net-Zero 2050

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CEO Matt Rogers: “We are deeply committed to
decarbonise 7 heavy-emitting industries by 2050:
Cement, Steel,
Aluminium and Chemicals - as well as
Shipping, Aviation and Trucking.”

These 7 big industries are the building blocks of the global
economy. Currently, they are responsible for 30% of GHG
emissions globally. The 4 materials alone
are responsible for 60% of current industry emissions.
Where to begin? "Our 400 partners made bold commitments. Now is
the time for bold actions. Because we know how to get from here
to there on a step-by-step-basis."

Mission Possible Partnership is the first
high-ambition, business backed organisation that is providing
cross-sector and sector strategies to decarbonise 7 industries by

The alliance of 400+ leaders are partnering up to clean up,
focused on supercharging decarbonisation across the entire
value chain. Founded and driven by the Energy Transitions
Commission, RMI, We Mean Business Coalition, and the World
Economic Forum, other partners include the Global
Maritime Forum, Bezos Earth Fund and McKinsey. "We connect the

Matt Rogers talks in an fascinating and uplifting interview
# radical collaboration across the entire value
# getting to net-zero on a step by step basis 
# net-zero growth is central to the mapping
# cross sector and cross country strategies
# re-thinking business models
# finance, technology, commitment, resilience
# how investors drive demand
# standard setting
# hard work and a tribute to the innovators

More information about The Mission Possible Partnership, The
Great Reset, The Host

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