35 Konstantin Samoilov - To the Ukrainians: Please, forgive us

35 Konstantin Samoilov - To the Ukrainians: Please, forgive us

46 Minuten
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vor 6 Monaten

If I could stand in front of the people of Kharkiv or Kiev, I
would get down on my knees and ask for forgiveness - that's what
today's guest on Zeitgenossen.online says, Russian entrepreneur
and YouTuber Konstantin. He lives in Moscow and follows the
situation closely. On his own YouTube channel INSIDE RUSSIA, he
currently lets his viewers share his life in a drastically
changing Russia on a daily basis. Konstantin explains how his
life has changed since 24 February and how the sanctions against
Russia are affecting the lives of people in the country. In his
videos, Konstantin also gives insights into his current mental
life. A situation in which anger and shame at his own country
alternate with feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. How
Konstantin tries to deal with this situation, what his thoughts
are on the conflict in Ukraine and what he thinks about his
compatriots, more about that in this interview.

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