US-China Tech Cold War and India-US Relations

US-China Tech Cold War and India-US Relations

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Let’s revisit this Ideas Factory Episode “US-China Tech Cold War
and India-US Relations”, with Naghma Sahar, Senior Fellow at ORF,
and Harsh V. Pant, Director of Studies and Head of Strategic
Studies Programme at ORF. They look at the growing alienation of
Chinese tech in the months prior to the US presidential election.
The increasing power rivalry between these superpowers has
reached a level where the Chinese consulate in Houston was closed
down on cries of espionage. In response the US consulate in
Chengdu, China was also shut down. The tech pushback by other
European countries brought to the forefront the security
challenges that would accompany adopting Huawei’s 5G. As US moves
away from China, naturally, it outlines an India-centric approach
to the Indo-Pacific region, as it recognizes that this rivalry
with China is going to be long drawn. Countries realize that a
counter to Chinese aggression in the region would be incomplete
without India. They also discuss in detail the LAC, and the
Chinese disinterest to disengage in the region. As Harsh Pant
bluntly puts forth, it seems China isn’t willing to accommodate
Indian interests as no actions have been taken on the border.
Chinese bellicosity with both US and India raises the possibility
of a closer relationship between the latter two.

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