Book Talk: Phil De Luna on Accelerated Materials Discovery

Book Talk: Phil De Luna on Accelerated Materials Discovery

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In his latest book, Phil De Luna, PhD, delves into the complexity
of Automated Discovery. To learn more about the future of
scientific development, we sat down with Phil for a book talk.

What role do computer simulations, data analysis, and robots have
in the future of scientific development? How are scientists
currently utilizing these resources to push scientific discovery

Phil De Luna, who is the Director of the Materials for Clean
Fuels National Research Center in Canada, approaches these
questions in his latest edited book with De Gruyter: “Accelerated
Materials Discovery. How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Speed
Up Development”, which was published in March 2022.

In an interview with De Gruyter Acquisitions Editor Christene
Smith, PhD, he talks about accelerated discovery, the future of
research and development, and how to communicate complex
scientific concepts to a general audience. Following this
conversation, we hear from him and his Podcast Co-host Liora
Raitblat on “What’s New In Automated Discovery” from their
podcast “What’s New In…”.

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Link to Phil's and Liora's podcast:

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