The Perfect HR Storm

The Perfect HR Storm

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Join Will Anthony, lawyer and Partner at Blank Rome LLP, in this
inaugural episode of BR @ Work to discuss the current landscape of
labor and employment law. The pandemic years have brought numerous
challenges to employers, and high on that list is employment
litigation. A number of things have led to the shakeup, from social
movements to job loss, to whether a job is performed remotely,
in-office, or hybrid. In this episode, Will gives an overview of
the field, a short history of how we got to this point, the factors
leading into employment litigation, and how you can perform a
high-level risk analysis for your company. Ultimately, Will says
that company culture is what determines success in creating a
positive workplace that retains employees and proactively prevents
litigation. “Now more than ever, employers need to let employees
know that they will be treated fairly, they will be compensated
fairly, they will be supported, they will be listened to, and that
management has empathy for all that they're going through as
employees and outside of the workplace,” says Will. Over the coming
episodes of BR @ Work, Will, his colleagues, and guests will dive
deeper into the shifting world of labor and employment law,
covering topics such as OSHA, class action lawsuits, pay equity,
systemic discrimination claims, and how leaders can create a
positive workplace that rises above these challenges. ️ Meet Your
Host ️Name: William J. Anthony What he does: As a Partner at Blank
Rome, Will’s labor and employment practice focuses on class,
collective, and multi-party actions. He also provides training on
management skills, discrimination, harassment, and other labor
topics nationwide.  Company: (Blank
Rome LLP) Words of wisdom: “In my three decades of practicing
employment law and representing employers in workplace issues, I
have noticed that new laws, social movements, and job loss are
really the drivers of unrest in the workplace and claims being made
about that unrest.” Connect: (LinkedIn) |
Email Episode Highlights [02:00] What causes employees to sue? The
heart of the matter is unrest, which can be caused by both internal
(job loss, place of work) and external (social movements, new laws)
factors. [04:54] Why here, why now? Will covers how the ADA, FMLA,
and Civil Rights Act of the 1990s got us to the laws and climate we
have in workplaces today. [06:53] Riding the wage and hour class
and collective suit tsunami. An expert in this field, Will shows
how timekeeping practices became a source of upset for many
workers. [07:57] 2020 vision became 2020 impact. Massive changes in
how we function in society shifted how workplaces operate, leading
to disgruntled employees. [09:57] Corporate culture can be your
savior. It can’t just be lip service. Company culture directly
impacts whether or not you might see employees walking out the
door. [13:10] How can I save my company some headaches? Will walks
through the factors used to evaluate where your company may have
some exposure to litigation. Connect with Blank Rome️ Join the
conversation on (Twitter) & (LinkedIn). ️
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