Todd Furneaux - #74 - Co-Founder of Supersapiens

Todd Furneaux - #74 - Co-Founder of Supersapiens

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In this episode, I talked to Todd Furneaux, Co founder of
Supersapiens, a company which is trying to revolutionize
nutrition in sports through live glucose monitoring.

Having founded a couple start-ups beforehand, he jumped up on the
idea of Phil Southerland. Phil being diabetic himself, he saw an
incredible opportunity for athletes to know their glucose data to
better perform and understand their body's nutritional needs.
Pitching this idea to different investors, they've managed to
secure 13,500,000 USD.

In this podcast, we talked about the process of creating a spark
in potential investors, the company itself and the different -
successful and unsuccessful - approaches to marketing.

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