Mira Koretsky and Ori Kidron - Cookies & Co

Mira Koretsky and Ori Kidron - Cookies & Co

Turning life's ups and downs into cookies, cakes and croissants. (English episode)
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She loves baking, he loves coffee. She grew up in the Soviet Union,
he grew up under the hot sun of Israel. She calls herself a lazy
perfectionist and dances around with her two little kids while
preparing filigree cakes for the bakery. He tells you about the
most painful moment in his life and how it became one of the most
beautiful moments of his life. Mira Koretsky and Ori Kidron of
Cookies & Co are two opposite poles, two planets orbiting and
dancing around each other. There's so much energy, so much trust.
They are one of the most positive couples I've ever met and
together they are riding life's turbulent waves as they come.
Cookies & Co is one of Berlin's highly praised cafés /
bakeries. The two owners never compromise to please everybody.
Instead, they attentively take care that their place keeps its
unique soul. A lot comes from Mira's style of baking, which -
despite its perfect look and taste - never loses its charm. She's a
professional baker with the soul of a home baker. Every cookie,
cake, and croissant is unique. This is not a baking factory, it's
the opposite. All pastries are made by Mira and her assisting
pastry chef, Lior. Maybe it's because Mira grew up in a political
system that didn't allow culinary abundance but had a strong baking
tradition, her recipes simply work and impress even if she left out
the firework. However, let her start her firework and you will see
the most colorful sweet feast. Fascinated by Japan's modern baking
culture, she tops her Ricotta Lemon Cake with Yuzu Cream. Her Black
Forest Cake is refined with miso and the bakery's popular Compost
Cookies stay true to their name: take a thick, chewy cookie and add
pretzels, chocolate, and potato chips. It sounds funky but it's so
good! One of the masterpieces from the bakery is their Croissant
with Yuzu Filling and Purple Italian Meringue. It's a diva, you're
almost too shy to cut it. It's dramatic but it keeps its promise:
it looks like something that will excite you and it definitely
does. And then the husband comes in, serving you an espresso that
is just right. Ori is the barista in the family, also taking care
of the guests while his wife is getting creative in the kitchen.
Sometimes Ori has to slow Mira down otherwise the guests would
never see their beloved Cookies & Co classics on the menu
again. If she could, Mira would change the menu every day. There
are many bakeries offering perfect pastries but the ones we stick
to, we keep going back to, are the ones that touch us, the ones
that have a soul. Mira and Ori do almost everything on their own,
keeping the quality level without compromises. Even if their energy
is running low, they keep the motor running constantly. They are
young parents, their youngest daughter was born with trisomy 21.
The situation challenged them but they decided to face it with the
same stubborn energy and positivity that they activate every day to
deal with all facets of life. They don't look for the easiest way
but they always find a beautiful way to enjoy life as it is: an
endless circle of ups and downs. And in Mira's and Ori's case it's
a dance. For this podcast episode, Mira shared the recipe for her
Ricotta Lemon Cake with Yuzu Cream with me. You can find all the
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