Thankyou & Goodbye

Thankyou & Goodbye

6 Minuten


vor 1 Jahr

We have decided to finish up making episodes for True Blue Crime.

This will undoubtedly be a surprise and disappointing for many
people, but we want to finish things on our terms and now feels
like the right time to do that.

It’s a decision that we don't take lightly and we’ve been
discussing for a while now, and we’ve reached it together.

When we started this show, we committed to ten episodes, and
didn’t expect anyone outside of our partners, family and friends
to listen to it. We were stunned when the downloads kept going up
and more and more people were tuning in.  

Now we feel that we’ve taken the show in its current format with
our current resources as far as we can.

It's been a blast making these episodes for you all. From the
bottom of our hearts, thank you for listening, giving our show a
chance, and following us throughout our journey. 

Shaun & Chloe

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