How to become a natural Superhuman with Carl Massy

How to become a natural Superhuman with Carl Massy

„You can train your intuition like a muscle" - A conversation with coach and author Carl Massy
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„SHE" - LEAVE HER WILD For today´s episode I have invited Carl
Massy - coach and author. He guided me on my path to become a coach
and build my business, as he was my mentor for 1,5 years. We talk
about the past and share some stories about our coaching
relationship. You will get to know Carl as a person and get
insights on his beautiful work. Carl also shares his wisdom on how
to connect to and actually hear the voice of your inner guidance /
your intuition. Carl also talks about how this program came
together and what the intention is behind it. Have fun listening to
our conversation and I hope you can catch some valuable insights
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