Daniel Terhorst-North - SOLID vs. CUPID

Daniel Terhorst-North - SOLID vs. CUPID

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The SOLID principles are well-established as the foundation of
object-oriented systems. However, after more than 20 years it is
time to see whether the principles still apply and whether other
concepts might be a better alternative. Daniel Terhorst-North is
well known for concepts like behavior-driven development or
deliberate discovery. He came up with the CUPID principles. In
this episode, we will discuss SOLID and CUPID - and why Daniel
thinks CUPID makes more sense.


Slides for Daniel’s presentation “Why Every Element of Solid
is Wrong”

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CUPID - the Back Story

Advent of Code

Kevlin Henney’s talk “SOLID Deconstruction”

Daniel’s talk “Decisions, Decisions

Daniel’s talk “Decisions, Decisions at InfoQ

Book How Google Tests Software

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