Azra - Building and creating bridges

Azra - Building and creating bridges

Youth activism and how to engage your community - this episode is recorded in english
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(07:41) Whenever you go to Bosnia, you will never be hungry,
because everybody will over you food, you will not be thirsty
because they will offer you to drink. (07:53) We are proud of being
kind. (13:52) I personally developed in project-writing and
strategic planing. (14:15) We are recognized as organisation that
always brings strangers to Ključ. (17:25) During the COVID Crisis
in 2020, we offered our Youth Hostel as Covid Ambulance. (18:27)
The name "Kosmos" for our Youth Center, we pulled that out of a
hat. (20:59) Other Organizations educated us how to write a good
project. (23:44) We have so many functions that nobody really
understands. (24:23) Everything changed when we started our first
project. (31:17) People left Bosnia and Ključ because of the
financial insecurity and the insecurity for the family. (38:49) We
thought we leave Ključ vor one month and than we come back and the
war will be over but it went on for another 3 years. (41:34) The
last Bosnian King was captured in Ključ in 1463. (47:12) Bosnia and
Hercegovina is the heart shaped land. (49:11) Sarajevo has a soul.
(49:41) Sarajevo has suffered a lot but its the point where culture
meets. (52:22) To be healthy and happy that's the most important
thing. (54:36) I have this crazy wish to visit the United States of
America. (1:00:09) We just have to dream on.

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