#28 - Erik Wirsing | DB Schenker | #hungryforinnovation - What’s hot in Logistics?

#28 - Erik Wirsing | DB Schenker | #hungryforinnovation - What’s hot in Logistics?

"Innovation is a necessary part of our DNA. It's …
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"Innovation is a necessary part of our DNA. It's all about openness
and transparency, about spotting trends and finding out if there's
something in it for us or not. If not, hands off. But if yes, try
to convince your company to adopt and scale." In this episode we
exchange ideas with Erik Wirsing, Vice President Global Innovation
about the hottest innovation topics at the logistics company DB
Schenker. The die-hard innovation enthusiast has been with the
company for over 22 years now and is always on the lookout for new
trends and technologies that are shaping the future of logistics.
The fact that the term "hungryforinnovation" is not just a simple
company hashtag, but rather an attitude at DB Schenker that stands
for genuine desire and passion for innovation, becomes particularly
evident when Erik enthusiastically talks about a unique cooperation
project with the German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter. But what
exactly is it all about? And how will projects like this and
similar ones change the future of logistics in the coming years?
Answers to all these questions and much more to be found in this
episode! ***NEWS FLASH*** The Innovation Rockstars Podcast is now
ranked in the top ten of the Top 60 Innovation Podcasts list by
FeedSpot: https://blog.feedspot.com/innovation_podcasts/

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