#121 mit Sir Martin Sorrell // S4 Capital plc

#121 mit Sir Martin Sorrell // S4 Capital plc

The third act of an advertising legend
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In Erik’s podcast Sir Martin Sorrell describes the third act of his
career. He shares his view on the advertising industry and gives
insights on S4 Capital, his purely digital advertising and
marketing service business that was founded in 2018. In the
interview the two are discussing the following topics: What is Sir
Martins perception of the status quo of the advertising industry?
What is the perception of advertiser on the increasing
transparency? What is the biggest limitation in terms of top line
growth? What is your perception of the German media and agency
landscape? E.g., Accenture Interactive What is your opinion on the
future of consultants? What are the competitors for S4 Capital? In
the end, Sir Martin and Erik discuss the big challenges for
marketers in a rapidly changing marketing landscape. Sir Martin
Sorrell is Executive Chairman of S4 Capital plc. The company is
building a purely digital advertising and marketing services
business for global, multinational, regional, local clients, and
influencer brands. S4 Capital plc merged MediaMonks, its content
practice, and MightyHive, its programmatic practice, into
Media.Monks in 2021. The integrated brand includes more than 25
other content, programmatic, media and data companies that have
merged with Media.Monks over the course of the last three years.
Currently Media.Monks is more than 7000 people and is present in 33
countries. Sir Martin Sorrell was CEO of WPP for 33 years. When he
left in April 2018, WPP had a market capitalisation of over £16
billion, revenues of over £15 billion, profits of approximately £2
billion and over 200,000 people in 113 countries. Content
recommendations: Ted Levitt 1983:
https://hbr.org/1983/05/the-globalization-of-markets Hubert Joly
Marion Harper: History of Media Agencys:
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