World Problems [Free Download]

World Problems [Free Download]

Chilled free track with a message. Thanks to @rip…
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vor 5 Jahren
Chilled free track with a message. Thanks to @rip_off for mixdown.
Songtext below. Is there any way in which one's mind can be
transformed? Would it be too presumptuous of me to say that you
were looking for help? That you hoped you would hear somebody who
had something to say that would be of help and relevance to you as
members of a world which is running into the most intense
difficulty, a world beset by a complex of problems any one of which
would be bad enough but when you add together all the great
political, social, and ecological problems with which we are faced,
they are appaling, and one naturally says: the reason why we are in
such a mess is not simply that we have wrong systems for doing
things, whether they be technological, political or religious, but
we have the wrong people! Alan Watts - Lecture on "How to make
yourself a better person"

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