What does the new segment of digital nomads & workationers want and how can hotels attract them? | 9

What does the new segment of digital nomads & workationers want and how can hotels attract them? | 9

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The new trend "Digital Nomads" ist not that new. It is a growing
segment and it grows super fast. In the past years, it used to be
younger people staying at hostels and working in co-working spaces.
This has changed. Today, if there is a good work environment in a
hotel, you will see older people travel and work at the same time,
living their digital nomad lifestyle while traveling with their
partners. In this episode, we look at how to deal with this new
trend primarily by answering these questions: - How can we
standardize and bring the digital nomad lifestyle forward? - Is it
possible for bigger suppliers to standardize products and
offerings? - How should the industry react to the digital nomad
lifestyle? - Are there any brands coming up that cater to the
segment of a digital nomad lifestyle"? - What are the needs and
wants of the digital nomad segment? - Can a hotel even offer all
the requirements of the digital nomad segment? RESOURCES Website
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