MNM Epic Football Show - #3

MNM Epic Football Show - #3

The third episode of the MNM Epic Football Show! Live at the 2Brothers Irish Pub in Graz with Martin & Sean Doohan and Jan Rynne. [Length: 02:09:44]
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pas·sion ( \ ˈpa-shən): a strong feeling of enthusiasm or
excitement for something or about doing something.

As we are meeting up again at the cosy 2Brothers Irish Pub in
Graz, football excitement again: It arouses a good deal of
passion among us. What will happen next in Newcastle after the
infamous take-over? Will this team take the future of the Premier
League to a complete new level? Who are the only 2 players
scoring 100 goals in the PL without taking any penalties? What's
the deal with Ledley King and Sol Campbell and what kind of
difficulties will lie ahead for FC Barcelona in LaLiga? 

That and a lot of other things in our 3rd Episode of the Epic
Football Show with Jan Rynne, Martin and Sean Doohan!


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