Episode 018 - Making air cargo more digital

Episode 018 - Making air cargo more digital

15 Minuten


vor 9 Monaten

Air cargo has become more digital in the past decade by
initiatives like IATA’s eFreight program promoting the paperless
transport of cargo. Yet, a huge potential for digitalization
remains to be exploited by the industry. A major challenge is the
lack of efficient data and information sharing between cargo
stakeholders. In this episode, hosted by our moderator Sebastian
Kaiser, our cargo expert Dominique Bayer shares her vision on a
more digitalized air cargo industry.



Sebastian Kaiser – Consultant in the Solution Group Customer


Dominique Bayer – Consultant in the Solution Group Infrastructure
& Operations


01:24: How Digital is air cargo today?

03:18: Why is digitalization a challenge for the air cargo

06:45: Prerequisites for digital air cargo

08:10: Measures to improve digitalization on an individual level

11:57: Stakeholder collaboration as a catalyst for digitalization

13:28: The vision of enhanced digitalization

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