Don't inject stuff into your penis! The talk with Dr. Rena Malik, MD

Don't inject stuff into your penis! The talk with Dr. Rena Malik, MD

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Ever wondered what might happen if you try to hold your
urine and not pee? Dr. Rena Malik, a certified board urologist
and pelvic surgeon explains in this episode a ton of useful
things. From answering the cliché questions about what to do if
you get an erection while being examined by an urologist, to some
rare and scary medical conditions that can seem like a mild
problem and turning to something nasty.

Dr. Malik goes into detail explaining why you should not try to
enlarge your penis by injecting some weird stuff like vaseline
into it. She briefly touched upon why kegel exercise can help
some women with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. And no,
she wasn't fascinated by penises, that is not the reason why she
became a urologist. Unlike the prejudice here, urologists see
male and female patients alike.
Additionally she explains how the anatomical structure of the
penis looks like and why the right amount of testosterone is
important for a man and his overall health condition.

Dr. Malik started her Youtube channel to promote health, educate
the wide public and to help people take care of minor things
themselves or to know when to go to hospital because something is
an emergency.

I recommend you to watch her videos, they are funny and

Guest: Rena Malik, MD, board certified urologist and pelvic
surgeon, Instagram, Youtube
Host: Michal Hulik, psychologist, Instagram, Patreon

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