#98 Sound and Silence - with Carly Grace

#98 Sound and Silence - with Carly Grace

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In this interview I am talking to Sound Healer Carly Grace. She
is enchanting many people through Sound Ceremony, sharing her
purpose and passion with her whole heart. In our conversation we
travel back in time and discover Carly's first life changing
experience with Sound Healing more than ten years ago and how
this lightened up her world and the life of others. She shares an
awakening that she received through sound on a visit to the
Mary Magdalene cave. Join a blissful meditation with Carly in the
end and listen to her Crystal Nature Sounds recorded in nature in

"Sound is a tool that supports us to shift our attention from our
thoughts to the present moment. When we are present we feel
grounded, clear and calm - this supports us to respond rather
than react and encourages choices that serve ourselves and
others." - Carly Grace




Website: carly-grace.com

Instagram: @carlygrace_soundtemple

Spotify: Carly Grace - Crystal Nature Healing


Link to Katja's Website (Podcast-Host): katjaschendel.com

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