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Hello and welcome to another episode of Agility on the ear. Today
we have again the great opportunity to take interested agility
people beyond the German-speaking area with us, as today´s episode
is in English. Our international guest is living in Spain. He is
agility judge of the RSCE Spanish breed club of FCI, competitor,
coach and breeder and can enjoy this sport from any position
because of that. 2008 was the year he has started practicing
agility with his border collie Coba and soon a lot of competitions
followed. The team participate in two European open and three world
agility open where they ended up in the top 10. 2012 they open an
agility club in Madrid named “mi perro 10” where they train
agilityistas of all levels. He falls in love with the cocker breed
when he competed in the summer England agility festival and so it
was maybe destiny that 2015 his cocker female Mokka moved in his
life. Like he told me with her it opens a new stage in training but
also in normal life because they understand each other perfectly.
They compete in a lot of competitions national and international
and had a lot of success. Now a new generation is born – Baileys
daughter of Mokka and to say it in his words :”she shows incredible
skills at the moment.” I am looking forward to hear his story
behind it all. Welcome and thank you for taking your time Jesus
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