#033 (EN) Robby Naish

#033 (EN) Robby Naish

Robby Naish About Wingfoiling
1 Stunde 16 Minuten
Sharing the stoke about wingfoiling / wingsurfing


vor 1 Jahr

In this interview Robby Naish talks about Wingfoiling and his
movie: The longest wave.

He gets into: what you miss if you have not started wingfoiling
already, where the future of wingfoiling is heading to, what
makes wingfoiling so unique and he tells many stories of his
outstanding watersports career.

Robby Naish needs no introduction. He is just Robby Naish. If you
have never heard of him please send me a DM at Instagram @dgraffe
where you have been the last 50 years on this planet :).

Follow Robby on Instagram: @robbynaishus1111

And check out www.naish.com for more info on wingfoiling gear.

Watch this interview and more on the Wingfoil Experience Youtube
Channel: http://youtube.com/danielgraffe

This interview with video: https://youtu.be/CXMTJGfud5U

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stoke with your friends: https://www.wingfoilexperience.com/

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to hear your favorite wingfoiler in the podcast or just wanna say
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