Bust your unconscious biases in Augmented Reality

Bust your unconscious biases in Augmented Reality

Wendy Broersen uses XR technologies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion
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We're speaking English again because we have an international guest
here on the New Realities Podcast: Wendy Broersen from the
Netherlands. She’s a serial entrepreneur, has won a number of
awards, had her own Dutch TV show, and she’s the founder and CEO of
a company called Superwoman Academy that helps companies to
attract, retain and develop their female workforce. During the
COVID 19 pandemic, Wendy began using virtual reality for Superwoman
Academy. Right now, she is also developing an unconscious bias
training in AR for another company she co-founded: Buster. How
Wendy plans to use and is already using VR and AR to promote
greater equity, inclusion and diversity - that's what it's all
about in this episode.

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