Petr Pupik - english

Petr Pupik - english

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Agility on the ear. Today
we have the great opportunity to take agility enthusiasts beyond
the German-speaking area with us, as today's episode is in English.
Today we will have a international guest for our episode. I am
Looking forward to talk with someone who is not only doing agility
he is living it, living in a small village in the middle of forest
with his wife, small child and two tollers. He started doing
agility 14 years ago and became judge 8 years ago. Beside agility
he likes solving logic problems and he also loves math! I am happy
That he found some time to be my guest today and all of you can be
excited to hear today something about his lifestyle and
coursedesign. A warm welcome to Petr Pupik from czech repuplik
Happy to have you here today - thank you so much for your Time Petr
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