"You need to slow down during a lapdance!" The talk with Harley Blaze

"You need to slow down during a lapdance!" The talk with Harley Blaze

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What do you know about Canadian stripper culture, the do’s and
don’t’s and the differences between west and east coast?
I guess as little as I did before this interview. Well one thing
assured, after this episode you will understand that strippers
can be very competitive ad territorial. You will find out that
different strippers prefer different kind of shows to make. Some
like longer shows with a narrative and costumes, some like more
acrobatic and athletic dances, other enjoy the slow sexy alluring
The important thing is, that not every stripper is a lost,
uneducated and miserable person, as might be perceived or
portraited by media. The financial side of this job is of course
a big incentive, but as Harley explains, the love for dancing,
being seen as sexy and praised by the audience is also a kick
that is looked for by many dancers.
Just like in other jobs, strippers watch each other’s
performances and  try to improve their game and as Harley
says, there is always something to learn. The dancing on the pole
is not without its dangers, skin burns can happen, and the joints
get their fair share of strain, too.
The way that the management runs the strip club plays a role in
the attraction of certain audience and strippers must adjust
their shows and customer approach accordingly. Some strippers
have two or three home bars where they come regularly, some like
to travel across the country. She has also a couple of porn
videos on Pornhub and her Youtube videos with her colleagues from
the strip clubs are available, too.

So go and check her out, enjoy the conversation and have a great

Guest: Harley Blaze, Interviews with strippers, Youtube, personal
Host: Michal Hulik, psychologist and podcaster 

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