34 Siim Sikkut: Digitalisation of society - the example of Estonia

34 Siim Sikkut: Digitalisation of society - the example of Estonia

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Estonia has long been known for its pioneering role in
digitalisation, and the Baltic republic moved its citizens'
services to the internet years ago. In "E-Estonia", as the
country likes to call itself, almost all official matters can be
handled from home with a few clicks. More than 3000 services -
from public authorities and companies - can be handled digitally.
The key to the digital possibilities is the citizen card, which
is also an identity card, driving licence, insurance card and
more. Since its independence in 1991, Estonia has consistently
set a course for digitalisation. Public administration and
elections are paperless. After the collapse of the Soviet Union,
Estonia experienced a new start and offered favourable starting
conditions for the country's digitisation. With the so-called
e-residency, practically anyone can now become an Estonian
citizen - at least digitally. Today, I talk to Siim Sikkut,
Government Chief Information Officer of the Republic of Estonia,
about the idea behind this and the importance of digitalisation
for the country and its people.

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