#029 Jelle Stoop at Dockstarts

#029 Jelle Stoop at Dockstarts

How To Learn Dock Starts
1 Stunde 1 Minute
Sharing the stoke about wingfoiling / wingsurfing


vor 2 Jahren

Jelle Stoop was already a guest in episode #009 and he is back to
talk about how he schools people in wingfoiling and why he
founded the foilschool netherlands.

In this episode we deep dive into dock starts. What are the
requirements? What gear do you need to dock start? What is the
proper technique? How can you progress? We cover it all and I
hope we both learn to dock start... you and me. I have been
trying a couple of times and have not have a success so far :).

Find out more about Jelle's foil school here:

You can also find Jelle's foil school at Instagram:

Follow Jelle at Instagram: @jellestoop

Watch this interview an more on the Wingfoil Experience Youtube
Channel: http://youtube.com/danielgraffe

Check out the awesome new website of this podcast
here: https://www.wingfoilexperience.com/

If you want to get in touch with me, please do so
here: https://www.dgraffe.de/en/

Or via Instagram: @dgraffe


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