Book Talk: Andrea Pető on “The Forgotten Massacre”

Book Talk: Andrea Pető on “The Forgotten Massacre”

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vor 1 Jahr

Andrea Pető is a historian, Professor in the department of Gender
Studies at Central European University, Vienna and Research
Affiliate of the CEU Democracy Institute, Budapest. Her works on
gender, politics, Holocaust, and war have been translated
into 23 languages.

Her latest publication with De Gruyter is called “The Forgotten
Massacre: Budapest 1944” and was published in March 2021.

In an interview with acquisitions editor Rabea Rittgerodt, Andrea
Pető talked about the gripping history of the first private
Holocaust memorial erected in Budapest in 1945, the importance of
remembering and forgetting, and why collective memory manifested
after World War II is one of the foundations of Hungarian
politics today.

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