Beach Podcast Guest Mix by maltech

Beach Podcast Guest Mix by maltech

Hallo Freunde Beach Podcast freut sich euch heute…
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Hallo Freunde Beach Podcast freut sich euch heute den neuen Guest
Mix präsentieren zu können... Zu Gast bei Beach Podcast war diesmal
maltech aus Berlin Chefkurator von @ditklingtjut. Musik Hello
friends Beach Podcast is proud to present the new Guest Mix to you
today ... This time, maltech from Berlin was the chief curator of
@ditklingtjut music as a guest at Beach Podcast.
BIO: maltech is a Berlin-based DJ, dancer and the chief curator of
@ditklingtjut. Music has always played a major role in his life and
since the age of 17, maltech’s taste has shifted more and more
towards electronic productions.After moving to Berlin in 2013 and
getting involved in the local scene, his love for House &
Techno and the collective dance experience has only grown. With
every set he aims to create a unique, emotional journey for the
listener. Over the years maltech co-built DIT KLINGT JUT, a
collective & platform that aims to unite lovers of deep &
melodic electronic dance music from around the world. His special
interest lies in the development of body-awareness, connection,
self-nourishment & deep insight through music and dance.
LINKS: Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram: RA:
Tracklist: 1. Anakim – Fade Away [out soon on DIT KLINGT JUT] 2.
Scoom Legacy – Voices (Enai Remix) [Annuna Music] 3. RTIK – Blue
Awakening [WOOD] 4. Wurtz & Iberian Muse – 1712 [WEITER
Records] 5. Burko/Bondar – Void [Kino Village] 6. Mark Tarmonea
& Brascon – More Pt. 2 [Eye And Eye] 7. Return Of The Jaded –
Taiga [Purified Records] 8. Microtrauma – The Arc [Parquet
Recordings] 9. Starkato X Intaktogene – Panama [Beyond Now] 10.
Moonwalk–PinkClouds [StilvorTalent] 11. RaphaelHofman–Polaroid
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