Mantra Meditation in the Cave of Sounds

Mantra Meditation in the Cave of Sounds

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
34 Minuten
ein Raum für Meditation und Selbsterforschung


vor 1 Monat

Join me on the small planet in the cave of sounds, where a
mantra awaits you, whose vibration floods your
entire organism, relaxing it and making it permeable. Experience
in this sound space also, how the mostly very lively mental
activity can thus, almost as if by itself, can come
to rest.

The mantra begins at 13:56 (and you can find it on my website!)

The song at the end at 25:45

Mantra: “Sound/Music by Schwartz Sound” / Vocals: Tanisha

Song at the end: „Rooted“ Music - Martin Hermann (Goodbye Solid
World) / Vocals: Tanisha

Artwork: Tanisha

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