How to fight financial crime

How to fight financial crime

What can banks do to stop money flow from illegal activities?
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James Williams, joined by Fredrik Wilhelmsson and Mikael Flod, is
talking about money laundering and the role banks play in detecting
and preventing it. The topic has certainly gotten a lot of
attention in recent years, not just within the financial industry,
but in politics and news media as well. Just to name a few recent
examples: Danske Bank with one of the largest money laundering
scandals in European history, just recently Deutsche Bank was
forced to replace their very controversial head of anti-money
laundering, and the EU has announced new laws in the fight against
money laundering. The fact that the European anti-money laundering
directive has already been adapted five times shows "that we have
not done enough each time," said Financial Market Commissioner
Mairead McGuinness in an interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

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