European Transmission and Distribution Systems – Ready for Smart Grids

European Transmission and Distribution Systems – Ready for Smart Grids

With Dr. Michael Weinhold, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
25 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


vor 2 Monaten

Digital and IoT solutions are making power grids smart. They
create new opportunities to integrate renewable energies into the
grids. Smart grids can react intelligently and adaptively to
changes in the grid. Energy intelligence enables the use of data
in the grid for economical, flexible and secure grid operation.
This also gives rise to new business opportunities, for example
at the grid edge, the transition from the public power grid to
the private grid. Dr. Michael Weinhold, Head of Technology and
Innovation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, tells us what these
look like and why smart grids are indispensable for the new
energy world.


3.16: What exactly are smart grids and why do we need them at

6.43: What are the biggest advantages over conventional power

9.32: What exactly do we mean by Grid Edge?

20.15: About the role of smart grids in the context of
Europe-wide charging infrastructure

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