AudioBunkA #72 feat. GAS

AudioBunkA #72 feat. GAS

2 Stunden 59 Minuten
The #freeHipHopMovement straight outta Vorarlberg / Austria! The Radioshow for HipHop Culture on "Radio Proton, das freie Radio" hosted by DJ socke 23 & MC pille One


vor 3 Monaten

It was lit with GAS in the house! The very first official "Track
of the Year 2020" Award Winner presenting an exclusive radio
premiere and shared their plans for the future with us in the 72.
edition! As usual in between the newest and best Hip Hop releases
from Silbertal to the Silicon Valley!

Follow The ONEandONLY monthly HIPHOP Live-Radioshow in Vorarlberg
/ Austria / DORNBIRN City on "Proton das freie Radio" - every 4th
Thursday tuneIN 8 -11 pm (CET) - hosted by DJ socke23 & MC
pille One

AudioBunkA SoundSystem #72 - 08.07.2021 Feel
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