Gerald meets Katharine: Austria and Taiwan - an extraordinary friendship

Gerald meets Katharine: Austria and Taiwan - an extraordinary friendship

Takover with Gerald Loaker and Katharine Chang
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Takeover with Gerald Loaker and Katharine Chang (01:54) The first
thing we are very proud of is the democracy of Taiwan. (02:22)
Taiwan people are very friendly and very hospitable. (02:36) I
encourage, and I welcome Austrians to visit Taiwan. (02:53) Austria
and Taiwan share the common values of Freedom, Democracy and the
Respect for Human Rights. (03:44) The people of Taiwan emphasize
the importance of good education, family values and treating people
nicely. (04:55) We have to be very strong not only to learn to
survive but also to thrive. (08:20) China considers Taiwan a local
Province. They carry out diplomatic functions for Taiwan, which is
completely ungrounded. (08:47) We are isolated in the international
community. (08:57) Between Austria and Taiwan there are no formal
diplomatic ties. (10:02) We learned a good lesson how to deal with
Covid during the SARS epidemic 2003. (10:18) We sensed the threat
of COVID 19 and informed the WHO but the WHO didn't take it quite
seriously. (11:38) Because of our success fighting the pandemic, we
shared our experience with other countries and also donated facial
masks and medical equipment to countries in need. (12:26) The virus
knows no borders it requires global cooperation. (16:40) I think
that it is important that all democracies, the friends, partners,
the likeminded countries should work together to safeguard
democracy, to safeguard our values. (16:55) When we work together,
we will be able to uphold the values we cherish. (20:14) Taiwanese
people are very outgoing and they enjoy making friends worldwide.
(21:39) Austrians, you are most welcome to visit Taiwan.

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