Renewable Energy Markets: What Europe can learn from California

Renewable Energy Markets: What Europe can learn from California

With Bernadette del Chiaro, CALSSA
24 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


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Very few western countries are feeling the effects of the climate
change on a very immediate every day basis. Which makes it quite
difficult to advocate for a  change in  behaviour and
policies amongst the constituents, if the effet is either years
or miles away. But not in California though: For several years
now, California has made the world headlines with dramatic forest
fires, only parallel by Australia. Which is maybe one of the many
reasons that it is also on the forefront of making an energy
transion happen. In that regard California can almost be seen as
a model region for many other countries. So what can other
regions learn from the example of California when it comes to
counter measures? And which of the steps that California has put
into action are already having an effect? We talk about this with
Bernadette del Chiaro, Executive Director of the California Solar
& Storage Association (CALSSA).

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