Velocity Chaos Podcast - Ep 25 - The Dream Team

Velocity Chaos Podcast - Ep 25 - The Dream Team

Velocity Chaos Podcast - The Dream Team


vor 6 Jahren
Welcome to the Twenty-Fifth Episode of the Velocity Chaos Podcast! THE BIGGEST EPISODE YET!  Nick and Luke have their first guest on the episode and get deeper into the mind of their number one fan! Come sail away with us and enjoy the fun times!  Captain Daddy is #1! Thank you all so much!    15-15-41-CHAOS That's 1-515-412-4267   Get your computer protected with Solidus! GetSolid.US    Songs are free YouTube songs: World Map, and the other is Soul and Mind Be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe on all the platforms!  Share it with your friends!   Call 15-15-41-CHAOS if you have any questions or comments! You can still send us Emails about anything If you have any open-ended lifestyle questions you would like to know the answers to, please email We'll see if we can tackle your question in an upcoming episode!

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