#010 Please don't call me "Mama." - This podcast is a hypocrite.

#010 Please don't call me "Mama." - This podcast is a hypocrite.

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All things pregnancy & parenting.


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We discuss why pregnant people and mothers are often called "mama" instead of their name! (AHHH) There's elements of power, identity, socialization, and just a lack of time and consideration in it. And also a whole slice of folks who love it. Turns out different people have different reactions to things... here we are again.
This is the instagram account whose post we reference: https://www.instagram.com/refugemidwifery/
The post is from March 4th, 2021. It is linked in our Instagram story today.
Thanks to @RefugeMidwifery for getting our juices flowing!
Please share your thoughts with us under today's instagram post, under today's blog post or under the YouTube video. We want to talk and learn more about this; so we hope you'll engage with us on this topic.
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