Episode 012 - Airport business models: Adapt or perish

Episode 012 - Airport business models: Adapt or perish

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vor 2 Jahren
A future
airport business model requires diversification towards many activities beyond
the provision of infrastructure. Successful airport managers need to consider
the volatile traffic developments including changed requirements and
necessities of passenger. In this episode, learn how a wholistic approach in
forecasting can facilitate to develop a successful airport business model.


Dominique Bayer
– Consultant


Chandrasekhar – Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Network and Fleet Management
Sascha Vogel –
Consultant and Expert in Airport Operations & Management 


This episode

Introduction of our experts

02:00 Lufthansa
Consulting’s approach to forecasting

05:08 Linking
forecasting to airport business models

06:17 Understanding
how passenger activity in the airport might change

07:28 The need
for adapting airport business models

09:30 Infrastructure
rightsizing for airports

11:31 Transformation
and diversification of successful airport business models

14:48 What the
ideal business model might look like 

16:44 Recommended
cycles for revisiting forecasts

18:40 Outlook
for airport business transformations

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