Episode 011 - Virtual Collaboration

Episode 011 - Virtual Collaboration

24 Minuten


vor 1 Jahr
Are you still working remotely, or did you already start collaborating virtually? Even though our work has shifted from the office towards our homes more than ever, many individuals and teams are still facing challenges when collaborating together virtually, especially in hybrid teams. In this episode, Nadine and Aman, lead organizers of the first virtual innovation challenge in aviation, are sharing their views, experiences and tips on managing remote work as well as planning and leading virtual workshops. 
Dominique Bayer – Consultant
Nadine Meichsner – Consultant at Lufthansa Consulting 
Aman Bhattarai - Lead Analytics Consultant at zeroG 

This episode includes:
Introduction: 1:10
Our guests’ experiences with virtual collaboration: 2:51
Requirements for virtual collaboration and remote work: 04:53
* Teams, virtual culture and communication 05:34
* Tools: 08.34
* Techniques: 10:02
Challenges of virtual collaboration: 13:03
* Zoom Fatigue: 13:21 
* Visibility: 15:34
* Interpersonal relationships: 17:26
* Hybrid Teams: 18:40
Outlook to the “New normal”: 21:20

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