Universo Paralello 2019 - Chill Out 31.12.2019 Brazil

Universo Paralello 2019 - Chill Out 31.12.2019 Brazil

▼ Recorded at @universoparalellofestival #15 - Ch…
1 Stunde 2 Minuten
Bookings in Germany: jacob@mystic-tales.de World…


vor 2 Jahren
Recorded at @universoparalellofestival #15 - Chillout Stage 31.12.2019 - Bahia, Brazil.
Download this set at https://www.andrevictor.de
Bookings: jacob@mystic-tales.de
Contact: andrevictor@ramschakl.de

Last gig from 2019, the main trance festival in Brazil in the front of the beautiful beach of Pratigi.
A strong tropical storm signed the last day of the year with some relief before the night.
I was the last DJ from 9pm to 10pm, just before the NYE. Here is the recording :)

UP is amazing! Beautiful and intense, the essence of the trance festivals in Brazil!
Thanks Zel, Neto, Ariel, Dav and all friends there for this crazy tour, specially to my wife Julia
for this unforgettable days around surrounded by coconut trees and "fritos" at Bahia.

Old pair of CDJ's - not linked!
Old Pionner Mixer DJM600
+ electrical shocks

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