#13: How to Turbocharge your Career in Global Supply Chain and Logistics (Radu Palamariu, Headhunter)

#13: How to Turbocharge your Career in Global Supply Chain and Logistics (Radu Palamariu, Headhunter)

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Today's episode of the BVL.digital Podcast is all about advancing your career in global supply chain and logistics. Our guest Radu Palamariu is managing director and practice head for global logistics and supply chain at Alcott Global, an executive search firm based in Singapore. Our host Boris Felgendreher talks to Radu about the following topics:

- Radu’s background. How he became a global headhunter for senior supply chain and logistics executives.

- Has supply chain management become sexier in the last few years? What are the reasons? What has made the field more interesting?

- The arrival of supply chain management in the executive suite and the rise of the Chief Supply Chain Office (CSCO). What’s the status of this trend?

- The supply chain as a career path into the CEO job.

- The typical profile of a CSCO. What is the necessary skill set in 2020?

- The typical salary range for senior supply chain leaders.

- Common perks and some unusual perks companies use to attract top talent.

- How do executive compensation packages in supply chain management compare to other functions?

- Careers in the global logistics industry vs. careers in supply chain management.

- Some concrete advice for middle managers who want to turbocharge their careers.

- The role and importance of recruiters and headhunters and how you can build beneficial relationships with them.

- The importance of your personal brand and how to build it.

- LinkedIn: How the platform has evolved and how to use it to build your personal brand, develop thought leadership and to cultivate your network.

- Which content sharing strategies and tactics work on LinkedIn and which don’t.

- How to balance promoting your personal brand and your company’s supply chain brand.

- Radu’s most successful LinkedIn posts and what made them so effective.

- Radu’s “Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics” podcast.

To connect with Radu on LinkedIn, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/in/radupalamariu/

To find out more about Alcott Global, go to: https://www.alcottglobal.com/

To find out more about BVL.digital, go to: https://bvl-digital.de/

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