REWIND! GOING VIRAL - Valerie McSorley - The New (Virtual) Reality of Running a Business - The Hive

REWIND! GOING VIRAL - Valerie McSorley - The New (Virtual) Reality of Running a Business - The Hive

Welcome to 2021! To kick off the New Year...I wan…
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Welcome to 2021! To kick off the New Year...I wanted to REWIND to some of my favorite episodes of 2020! Please enjoy this incredible podcast with my dear friend Valerie McSorley. Everything that Val and I spoke about in this episode is still relevant, foreshadowed (scary but true) and happening 6 months later.
P.S.-->Today is January 6, 2021 and I am so incredibly thankful, grateful and blessed that my family and I have made it through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our love and support goes out to all of those who suffered terrible personal losses and sicknesses this past year. So much has changed for each of us personally, professionally, financially and emotionally...we are still in the middle of it. We are still quarantining and social distancing, homeschooling and working remote...We are in this together. God Bless. xoxo

Ep. 10 - GOING VIRAL - Valerie McSorley - The New (Virtual) Reality of Running a Business - The Hive

New episode of "GOING VIRAL: Staying Sane, Healthy & Connected during the Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020" is here!
**Please Note: The opinions expressed in this podcast are my own and my guest's own. If you are experiencing a true medical emergency or Covid-19 symptoms, please call 911.**
-->I'm so excited to introduce my next guest, Valerie McSorley, Owner of The Hive, a brand new, unique event space located in Marshfield, MA and owner of Avant Garde Events in the Boston area for over 18 years. Valerie is an incredibly smart, passionate and talented entrepreneur and all around inspirational woman. Val is a real connector. She brings people together. Especially during this uncertain and difficult time, Val talks about keeping positive, connected and expressing our creativity.
Here are FIVE takeaways from Valerie:
1) Get up, take a shower and get dressed every day! Spritz on your favorite perfume, put on your lipstick and style your hair. You will feel much better!
2) It's all about the People in your life, not things. Take time to Pause, Reflect and Reinvest in your loved ones. Just appreciate this time with your family or whomever you are quarantining with, and see this as a gift. This won't last forever, so cherish it NOW.
3)Have Virtual Meetups every day! Do this through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and Google Meet. It's free! (up to 30 minutes on Zoom).Virtual Happy Hours with your girlfriends! Virtual Family Dance Parties! Trivia Nights! Martini Mondays! Wine Wednesdays... Get creative and have fun!
4)STAY HOME! The more you exposure yourself and others, the worse the spread of the deadly coronavirus will be. We have to be vigilant and really stay away...more than just 6 feet away...stay home, order online. Wash your hands! Wear a Mask and Gloves if and when you do go out. Limit your exposure. Please be safe!
5) Use this time to teach your children much needed LIFE SKILLS! While we are focusing on homeschool/academics, but really, our kids need to learn how to do their laundry, run the dishwasher, clean out their closets, wash the dishes, rake the lawn, clip the hedges, and clean out the litter box! It will change the family dynamic and take the pressure off of you. Make a CHORE CHART and have them really help out with the family chores and see this as an "opportunity," not a "punishment."
--> So take this opportunity to look for the silver lining in all of this TIME we have, and reconnect with our families in the "old school" and simple way.
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Thank you very much!
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