Audio 24 - Christmas Dedication (in English)

Gedankenzauber  Podcast25.12.20 12:44 Uhr

24 - Christmas Dedication (in English) von Lisa Sarah

Dauer: 00:05:03 Merry Christmas. 
Yesterday I started a new thing on my blog. " Storys of people I have met in my life".  Life is about meeting people. It is about the magic of individual stories. Some bring joy and laughter, some bring pain and sorrow. Some people will stay with us for a lifetime, other ones will go. Some of them will go and come back one day. Some of them will push us, and other ones will hold us back. Some will love us with all their heart, but other ones will break our heart in two. 
But each and everyone you meet has his or her own little story, and that is the magical part. Life is about stories. It is about people meeting people and creating new stories together. And all of a sudden - if we hold on for a moment and actually SEE the person - we can discover all the beauty of stories life is reading to us. All the stories we write. All the stories life writes.
Merry Christmas, and spread some love. 

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