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Advent in Nigeria Podcast20.12.20 20:13 Uhr

24 days to Christmas – experiencing the Christmas story anew. von Rev. Anna

Dauer: 00:08:14 A spoken Advent calendar to listen to. A new episode every day. Always "around 10 minutes", sometimes more, sometimes less.
Most of us have played "Stille Post" at least once in our lives.  At the end of a round of "Silent Post", funny sentences are usually announced, such as "Anna steals blue cars", which have very little or nothing to do with the original message. Instead, the participants are all the more amused about the bizarre result. And about Anna. It's the same with Christmas. The Christmas story has been retold across many generations, cultures and continents. Important things have been left out over the centuries and others simply added .... But some of the beauty and relevance to us here and now has been lost over the many stages. If we only celebrate Christmas as the generation before us did, we can often only guess or at best guess at the original beauty - just like the "Silent Post". So what was the beginning of "Anna steals blue cars"? We do not know exactly. We could only find out by going back a few stations and trying to get as close to the beginning as possible. This is exactly what we want to do with you in this book: get as close to the beginning as possible to understand why we celebrate Christmas the way we do.
Excerpt from: Oscar König "24 days to Christmas – experiencing the Christmas story anew."   Folge direkt herunterladen
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