#21 Musas Geschichte

#21 Musas Geschichte

1 Stunde 6 Minuten
zuhörkultur und empathieausbau


vor 11 Monaten
Listen closely! None other than the multi-talented, multi-faceted, and marvelous Musa Okwonga tells his story in this week’s episode! Musa is an artist, musician, political journalist, a podcaster- but first and foremost a writer. Writing, capturing life, and influencing discourses are what Musa is dedicated to do. This oftentimes comes with struggle, rejection, and an incredible amount of time and persistence. Something that Musa has invested in and which pays of: His upcoming book "In The End, It Was All About Love“ will be published in January 2021. We talk about this brilliant piece of work and what led him to write it. We discuss the impact small gestures have in politics and activism, why we should take care of our friendships- and how there is beauty in the digital realm. Life is a wild ride. So buckle up and tune in!

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