Sex mit Rundis

Sex mit Rundis

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Korrektur von Jan, aber ich wusste nicht was er meint, vllt wisst ihr das:

Ihr = we 

Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Original Text:

When we were fifteen, sixteen, when we really started to play podcasts,
we definitely wanted to become podcaster.
was almost impossible because, it was, the dream was so big that we
didn't see any chance because ihr were living in a little town; We were
and when we finally broke away from school and became podcaster
We thought, "Well, now we may have a little bit of a chance"
Because all we really wanted to do is podcast...
And not only play podcasts, but record content.
At that time, in Germany, in '69-'70, they had already had podcasts
So, we would take our car
Would go to a crib, record maybe 30 minutes
We think we had about seven, eight good minutes.
We would partially sleep in the car
Because we didn't want to drive home and that helped us for about almost two years to survive in the beginning.
We wanted to do a show with the jokes of the '50s. The jokes of the '60s, of the '70s...
And then have all the good news of the future.
And we said, "Wait a second, we know the synthesizer...
Why don't we use the new format which is the sound of the future?"
And we didn't have any idea what to do
But we knew we needed a click so we put a click on the First epispde
Which then was synced to the Moog Modular.
We knew that could be a sound of the future
But we didn't realize how much the impact would be
Our name is rundumschlag
But everybody calls us Der lächerlichste Podcast Europas.

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