Episode 003 - Airline Operational Excellence

Episode 003 - Airline Operational Excellence

17 Minuten


vor 10 Monaten
After the initial
shock and often a complete stop in airline operations, aircraft are getting
back in the air. The gap between successful and unsuccessful airlines is
increasing. Only the airlines who revamp their operations to be robust,
sustainable and efficient will be the long-term winners.

Our experts
discuss the future of airline operations planning, steering and performance
management. The insights are based on our extensive study about the
pre-Covid-19 state of airline operational excellence and focuses on key learnings
to be applied during the immediate restart, mid-term adjustment to the new
normal and a long-term stabilization.

Host: Florian
Schwendner, Senior Consultant

Experts: Martin
Sedláček, Associate Partner and Head of Flight Operations and Safety Management
Solution Group and Anna Sauer, Senior Consultant

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