Audio #81 Being pregnant as a pole dancer - Realtalk with Katja Heels

POLE DANCE PODCAST11.08.20 05:00 Uhr

Pole Dance and pregnancy

Katja Heels is known for her expolosive exotic flows. Her fluid and sensual movements hypnotise her audience - no matter if it’s on her social media or on stage. In 2019 Katja found out that she’s pregnant and had to adjust her training accordingly. 

While there is no one-fits-all solution for pregnancy (especially when you are a pole dancer yourself), there are a few things to keep in mind to enjoy your previously very active lifestyle even with a baby-belly. Katja shares her experience throughout her pregnancy and gives you an unfiltered view on what to expect when you’re expecting. Her baby girl is now a couple of weeks old and we talk about possibilities of how to go back to a pole training routine that works best for you as a new mom and pole athlete.


In this episode (#81)  you will learn: 

  • How pregnancy affects your energy levels and movement range
  • If you should continue pole dancing during when you are pregnant
  • Why you benefit from pole sports during pregnancy

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