Ep. 20 - GOING VIRAL - Lisa Greig - Scout and Cellar Clean-Crafted Wines, No More Drinking Dirty!

Ep. 20 - GOING VIRAL - Lisa Greig - Scout and Cellar Clean-Crafted Wines, No More Drinking Dirty!

I am so happy to introduce my next guest, Lisa De…
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I am so happy to introduce my next guest, Lisa DeAngelis Greig, Executive Director and Founding Leader for Scout & Cellar: Clean-Crafted Wine on episode 20 of my podcast "GOING VIRAL: Staying Sane, Healthy & Connected during the Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020."

Lisa Greig has been in sales for the majority of her career, and over the past 3 years has been passionate about Scout and Cellar Wines! She wanted to add in a new revenue stream into her family’s life, and with her commitment to eating clean, organic food and using non-toxic cleaning products she wondered...Are we eating clean, but drinking dirty? Enter Scout and Cellar: Clean-Crafted Wines. As one of the Founding Leaders of the "Clean-Crafted Wine Movement, " she has built a team of over 400 consultants nationwide. Lisa is passionate about educating us about the environment and health benefits of supporting pesticide-free farmers who produce the grapes to the bottling process to keep the wines free of chemicals and added sugars.

I learned so much from Lisa...whom I’ve known for 30 years! We went to high school together in the Boston area... and yes, we were “totally awesome” ‘80s chicks with big hair and leg warmers, rocking out to Bon Jovi & Motley Crue! She’s a true inspiration, discussing the need for women to Know your Worth, Find your Why and Follow your Passion. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting many of Scout and Cellar’s wines with Lisa, from the fabulous Gallivant Bubbly Rosé to the delicious Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir from Sonoma. And, she introduced me to the brand new product called “Wilderness Road,” a “mixable,” made of fermented grapes and has half the alcohol content of vodka, but mixes like a cocktail! With so many of us entertaining in smaller groups of family and friends at home during the pandemic… I had to join Lisa’s team and begin my own journey with Scout and Cellar! Visit my online store today or contact me to set up a socially distant tasting! www.scoutandcellar.com/RushWine

**Please Note: The opinions expressed in this podcast are my own and my guest's own. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call 911 or consult your doctor.**

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